Don’t Get Stuck in the 90s: Five Steps to Designing a Better Online Video Store

Increase consumer loyalty and profits while lowering your customer acquisition costs.

eBook Video Retail - Stuck in the 90s copyBack in the “dark ages” of the 1990s, cable channels were growing at a remarkable pace, the theatrical movie going experience still reigned, and only at the end of the decade were DVDs introduced to bring higher quality home viewing options. Today's home entertainment consumer has lots and lots of choices. 

This eBook identifies the top five trends for making these consumers favorite your business, while lowering your customer acquisition costs and increasing your profits.

  • Gain merchandising help from your suppliers to offer sales and discounts
  • Create loyalty campaigns
  • Offer personalized content choices
  • Use a shopping cart
  • Enable gifting, so your customers can give content to their friends and family

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